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      Overall, this book was a very well written sports book. I would recommend this book to anyone. This book shows how sports can build you up and break you down. In addition, if you are a parent that is reading this book, you may come to realize that you might be putting too much pressure on your son or daughter. This is because the parents of many players expect their kid to be the best and to establish a good name and reputation for the family.


     Friday Night Lights is a book that takes place in 1988 when a journalist, H.G. Bissinger, decides to follow a football team located in Odessa, Texas. He chooses Permian High School, which has a population of over 90,000 people. H.G. Bissinger finds out that football for the Panthers was not as ordinary as the other high schools. Football was life for the players at Permian High School. They had won the past five state championships in a row, and they were an established football powerhouse. In my mind, Friday Night Lights focuses on three major keys. It shows the pressure the athletes had with their community and family, the commitment from the school, and the dreams the players had.


     In Friday Night Lights, football is everything. It means a ton to the teachers, to everyone in the school, and to everyone in the town. You realize how upset people can get when the team may lose a single game and a ton of money is spent on the football team rather than on the school and the education.


     I have read the book, and I have watched the movie. I honestly liked the movie a little better. While reading the book, you may realize that in many chapters, nothing happens; it gets to be slow reading. In fact, one chapter just describes the town and barely even mentions football. Despite some slow parts, the book was still great, and the author really does do a great job describing how important football was.


- Collin Anderson 

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